Gia - Mother Earth

 and is inspired by the greek mythological character ‘gaia’ and the founder’s childhood fondness for the cartoon captain planet.

The focus is on

Reversing climate change, checking urban migration, reducing inequalities, gender equality including pay parity, eradicating poverty & hunger while powering the entire ranch with solar power.

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Environment Friendly
Our GOal:

Mission is to build a ranch of at least 50,000 trees in this region by 2030

The project is a passion project based in Khirnai Village, Dist. Chittorgarh, Near Rawat Bhata in the state of Rajasthan, India where Aseem Gupta’s family has considerable land holdings.

Vision for the Future

Our aim is to create a zero emission, solar electricity powered, economically viable(rewarding) orchard plantation which tackles climate change while accomplishing all 17 UN goals

Basic Problems

To be Solved

lack of stable electricity

The land is situated in rural Rajasthan and only gets a few hours of electricity everyday. Electricity round the clock shall need to be generated in-house

rocky top layer

The land here is not suitable for setting up available agroforestry infrastructure due to presence of large rocks and boulders in the top soil. Large scale expenses are require in making the land tillable and modern irrigation systems such as drip irrigation are an expensive proposition.

Lack of Water

Only 5-6 feet of soil exists which has formed on account of soil runoff from erosion over the years. This is a blessing as we are able to forest a rocky surface however is a challenge in terms of water security as setting up of ponds and availability of ground water is also a challenge here.

Gender Inequality

Since the plantation will be a residential workplace providing respectable, enjoyable, sustainable and meaningful employment, we sincerely hope that urban migration will be checked. Preservation of local cultures will get a definite boost.

Fossil Fuels in Farming

Farming traditionally is done on fuel combustion driven tractors and tools. The farm is also lit by gen sets when electricity is not available. Even the electricity from the discom might be from solar or nuclear power plants. 

There is a global dwindle in the bee population. We are committed to setting up a chemical pesticide free agroforest and shall be looking at natural mechanisms to ensure economic viability which shall drive our growth engine to add more inhospitable lands to the initiative.

Solutions to move forward
and join the future.

Creation of ponds & Installation of temporary solar powered tube wells


As per availability of available funding, ponds and water reservoirs will be created. Solar powered tubewells are also required to avoid any water shortage during the crucial first 8-10 years of the saplings being planted as we want the roots to go deep into the rocks and be able to sustain by themselves.

Installation of solar electricity capacity and Use of Electric motors


We shall have an inhouse solar capacity, shall store the same in batteries and use electric motors wherever possible.


Aseem Gupta

Aseem is currently selling off his Gurugram apartment to fund the plantation of 4500 additional saplings, purchase of an electric tractor, installation of solar energy plant to power the housing, water pumps etc.

AMG is a widely respected entrepreneur owning one of India’s leading government supply companies (Ranked No.4 on the Government E Marketplace), an online real money gaming startup (which plans to bring a smile to the players face at a cost cheaper than a bus ticket) and an EV charge point operator startup which shall leverage renewable energy.